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FLW Connect believes solutions that build organisational legacy are cemented in the core values of being future focused, learning and wisdom.


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Partner with us to unlock your business’s full potential by creating a workplace where every individual feels valued and supported. Achieve sustainable success through our comprehensive services that drive growth, efficiency, and a positive organisational culture. Embrace a future where workplace cultural safety, wellbeing and engagement are at the forefront of your business strategy.


We specialise in fostering cultural safety, meaningful engagement and holistic wellbeing within oganisations and communities….

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Recognise the critical role of professional development when building on staff knowledge, skills and competence…

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Unlock the full potential of your meetings, workshops, products and events with our expert First Nation facilitation services…

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Cross-Cultural Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your leadership team with our First Nations Cross-Cultural Coaching for Management and Executives…

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Cultural Brokerage

Engage in cultural brokerage to support conflict resolution and cross-cultural understanding for workplaces and communities. We specialise in…

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Strategy and Implementation

We specialise in guiding businesses to develop and implement comprehensive Aboriginal strategies and frameworks…

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Welcome to FLW Connect

FLW Connect partners with businesses who want to recognised as employer of choice by creating environments, opportunities and solutions that support inclusive workplaces and cultural and psychosocial safety for all employees, clients and communities.

FLW Connects vision is to actively lead in advocating and implementing inclusive approaches for organisations and communities. Where the cultural safety and psychosocial safety of employees, clients and communities are at the forefront of organisational best practice.

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Bianca Hunt

Harmoni Hunt

Kyam Pappin

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Success Stories

‘I liked that we pushed away the tables to create a yarning circle and we could either stay seated on our chairs or sit on the floor. We set the group expectations at the start, and everything was covered by the end.’ – Participant Let’s Have a Yarn Cross-Cultural Communication workshop

‘The culturally safe space that was created to share our own experiences without judgement.’ – Participant Let’s Have a Yarn Cross-Cultural Communication workshop

​​’We got a lot out of the course today, professionally and personally. We were both really impressed by Bianca as a facilitator; she clearly has a significant amount of subject matter experience, but crucially has superb facilitator skills, imparting knowledge in a really accessible way, with great class presence, control and engagement.’ – Participant Psychological First Aid Facilitator 

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